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SS-158 EDX 10 Meter Radio

SS-158 EDX 10 Meter Radio
Brand: Ranger
Product Code: R10-00010
This product is no longer available!
10 reviews   Rating: 4/5.
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  • AM-FM-SSB-CW mobile radio
  • 25 watts peak AM
  • 10 watts RMS FM-CW
  • 25 watts PEP SSB
  • 6-digit frequency counter, Mic/RF gain, and dual finals
  • The SS-158EDX has dual echo control and talk back switch along with a blue frequency counter, channel display and meter.
  • Mic Gain : Adjusts microphone gain in transmit mode RF Gain : Adjusts receivers gain for weak or strong signals
  • Band Selector : Band coverage in 6 switched steps
  • NB-ANL On-Off switch : Works in conjunction to reduce noise in mobile operation
  • Front panel SWR meter : Built in meter to monitor signal strength, RF output and SWR
  • Talk back switch : Enables talk back
  • Echo/Time control : Controls the echo effects


| 10 reviews
The SS-158 EDX is an excellent radio. If you have it peaked and Tuned by someone who really knows what they are doing you have a very good radio. I have been an electronic tech all my life since 20 years old. I just retired at 62. Worked on mine myself and with a "little extra work" they are rock solid and work as good as rigs 3 times the price. Can't go wrong with one of these.
| 10 reviews
Had mine for 5 years. Great loud am audio and SSB works great after warm up no drift stays rock soild on frequency. Average talk power is about 25 watts high peeks about 35 0n a 2 watt dead key.
| 10 reviews
I have one of these an I wouldn't trade it for nothing mine is doing about 48 watts an is a monster I have talked all over the world with it love it
| 10 reviews
This is my second SS158edx the first one is a older model (red freq,channel display) and after a good alignment and tune up there is no more drift,clarifier is spot on frequency and the audio on this monster is killer! I have a very awesome performing 50 watt radio. I use this "blue version" on base and have talked west/east coast since I got it earlier today. Reasonably priced awesome performing SSB/AM radio. 5 stars
| 10 reviews
Great radio has hardly any drift after 5 minutes of warming up,excellent side band ! I have not any radio that does not drift even Icoms drift some. 9.9 out of a 10 rating.

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