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SS 3900EGHP American Spirit

SS 3900EGHP American Spirit
Brand: Ranger
Product Code: E50-10014
This product is no longer available!
4 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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The SS-3900EGHP-American Spirit is a reliable mid priced 10 meter AM-FM-SSB-CW mobile radio. It offers 10 watts AM-FM-CW, 25 watts PEP, SSB and provides high performance with features such as Mic/RF gain, and dual finals, dual echo controls, talk back switch and a Patriotic American flag face plate. The radio is classically styled with gold trim, and gold knobs and the radio is backed by Ranger's 2-year factory warranty.

Mic Gain, Adjusts microphone gain in transmit mode
RF Gain, Adjusts receivers gain for weak or strong signals
SWR Calibration, Allows calibration of SWR meter to match the antenna to your radio for maximum radiated power
Band selector, Band coverage in 6 switched steps
NB-ANL On-Off switch, Works in conjunction to reduce noise in mobile operation
Front panel SWR meter, Built in meter to monitor signal strength, RF output and SWR
Talk back switch, Enables talk back
Echo/Time control, Controls the echo effects

| 4 reviews
I have one and it has some pretty big swing!, I use it mainly on AM and on low it keys 1W swinging to 30 with awsome audio. When hooked up to my Midnight Special 700 it produces some serious kick ass power with even more audio!. On SSB it does take some time to warm up, about 30 minutes and it will be pretty stable and on frequency. Also if you dabble on FM, it's got one of the best transmit and reciever sections using this mode. So if you see one in good condition a fantastic second hand buy all round!.
| 4 reviews
I’ve been using this radio for roughly 15 yrs. best radio I’ve owned. Powerful, reliable and it still hold correct frequencies after all the yrs of bouncing in my truck. I bought it brand new at a flea market. I run it with a Monkey made antenna and it gets out. Money well spent!
| 4 reviews
i also use this as a base great dx and local i would do it all over it again
| 4 reviews
I use this just on 10 meters. Works good. loud audio with a stock mic. Good reports in dx land. One nice looking radio.

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