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Sirio SY27-4 4 Element Beam

Sirio SY27-4 4 Element Beam
Brand: Sirio
Product Code: S20-05004
Price: $214.99
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Frequency range: 26-28 MHz
Impedance: 50ohm unbalanced
Radiation (H-plane): directional
Polarization: horizontal
Gain: SY 27-4: 11 dBd, 13.15 dBi
Bandwidth at V.S.W.R. 2:1: 600 KHz
Max. power: 1000 Watts
V.S.W.R. at res. freq.: ~1.2:1
Feed system / position: Gamma match / center
Connection: UHF-female

  • Materials: Aluminium, Steel, Nylon
  • Wind load: SY 27-4: 80 N at 150 Km/h
  • Wind resistance: 120 Km/h
  • Wind surface: 0.07 m²
  • Dimensions (approx.): SY 27-4: 5725x4030x100 mm
  • Boom length / diameter: SY 27-4: 4030 mm / 33 mm
  • Max. element length (approx.): SY 27-4: 5725 mm
  • Turning radius (approx.): SY 27-4: 3600 mm
  • Weight (approx.): SY 27-4: 6100 gr
  • Mounting mast: Ø 35-50 mm



| 5 reviews
Good antenna. I use it on the flat side and talk all over the place. Using the pre-drilled holes it works the entire 11 meter band and the 10 meter band. Do not over tighten the U-bolts holding the boom to the mast plate or the boom will get crushed.
| 5 reviews
I really like this beam. It works well. No issues yet. Time will tell if it holds up to the bitter cold and blazing sun we have in eastern Washington State.
| 5 reviews
My buddy runs the Serio 4 element and gets monsterous results on the bowl and 28. He runs with the big boys with far less firepower.
| 5 reviews
If you can follow instructions and read a ruler you will be thrilled with this or any other Sirio Antenna . Mine is only 38 ft. in the air and I get fantastic results and a SWR that doesn't even twitch my meters . Exact same result for my 2016 5/8 wave stick . I do like Sirio .
| 5 reviews
Sirio SY27-4 4 Element Beam Is simple to put together with only the gamma bar to measure. All the other elements are already pre-set, So nothing to measure there. The Sirio SY27-4 4 Element Beam can be used on both 11 meter and 10 meter with great reports both on TX and RX. I have used it on both 11 meter and 10 meter with 1.3 swr pep. It's very light weight but I have had it withstand wind gust up to 90+ from the outer bands of the 2004 Hurrican Charley. So it your looking for a small beam with a big punch to get get those DX Contacts, Then this is the beam you want. The Sirio SY27-4 4 Element Beam can be used with a small rotor such as A00-00010 Antennacraft TDP-2 Ant. Rotor 73 George/Starface/KI4NBE

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