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Sirio SY27-4 4 Element Beam

Sirio SY27-4 4 Element Beam
Brand: Sirio
Product Code: S20-05004
Price: $214.99
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6 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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Frequency range: 26-28 MHz
Impedance: 50ohm unbalanced
Radiation (H-plane): directional
Polarization: horizontal
Gain: SY 27-4: 11 dBd, 13.15 dBi
Bandwidth at V.S.W.R. 2:1: 600 KHz
Max. power: 1000 Watts
V.S.W.R. at res. freq.: ~1.2:1
Feed system / position: Gamma match / center
Connection: UHF-female

  • Materials: Aluminium, Steel, Nylon
  • Wind load: SY 27-4: 80 N at 150 Km/h
  • Wind resistance: 120 Km/h
  • Wind surface: 0.07 m²
  • Dimensions (approx.): SY 27-4: 5725x4030x100 mm
  • Boom length / diameter: SY 27-4: 4030 mm / 33 mm
  • Max. element length (approx.): SY 27-4: 5725 mm
  • Turning radius (approx.): SY 27-4: 3600 mm
  • Weight (approx.): SY 27-4: 6100 gr
  • Mounting mast: Ø 35-50 mm



| 6 reviews
I will say this, as a word of caution, do not use any small rotor designed for TV Antenna no matter what the manufacturer says. A small rotor designed for a TV Antenna will work for awhile, later on when you go to turn your small beam in the direction that one wants, one is going to find your directions are going to be off, that's because a small type rot designed for a TV Antenna, has no brake, to lock the gears, the wind beating up against the antenna is going to strip the gears, the antenna is going to be turned out of position.
| 6 reviews
Good antenna. I use it on the flat side and talk all over the place. Using the pre-drilled holes it works the entire 11 meter band and the 10 meter band. Do not over tighten the U-bolts holding the boom to the mast plate or the boom will get crushed.
| 6 reviews
I really like this beam. It works well. No issues yet. Time will tell if it holds up to the bitter cold and blazing sun we have in eastern Washington State.
| 6 reviews
My buddy runs the Serio 4 element and gets monsterous results on the bowl and 28. He runs with the big boys with far less firepower.
| 6 reviews
If you can follow instructions and read a ruler you will be thrilled with this or any other Sirio Antenna . Mine is only 38 ft. in the air and I get fantastic results and a SWR that doesn't even twitch my meters . Exact same result for my 2016 5/8 wave stick . I do like Sirio .

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