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Solarcon A99

Solarcon A99
Brand: Solarcon
Product Code: A65-00002
Price: $84.99
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19 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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18' Omni Directional Base Antenna
  • Fiberglass Base Ant., 18 ft. length
  • Operates on 10-12 Meters without Tuner, 8.2dbi
  • Handles 2000 Watts P.E.P.
  • Three Sections
  • 1/2 wave over 1/4 wave tuned antenna
| 19 reviews
Got my new one in September. Same quality good price. Using A99 for years. They work stick it up on a pipe hook up the coax. And forget about it. Your done. Send your signal to the world.
| 19 reviews
have owned two of these a99 in the past 25 years left first one at old house when I moved in 2003 went past and was still there going strong 2018
| 19 reviews
I have used moonraker6 and just about everything out there over the last 35 years. The A99 has preformed as good or better than any of them. FOR SKIP IT CAN'T BE BEAT FOR THE MONEY.its all I use now. They will take much higher peak watts than rated, just keep the key wattage down to about 20 on your kicker and let her swing. 36 to 40 feet high is awesome.
| 19 reviews
I have bought 3 A99 antennas through out my radio communication career.Great Antenna & cost
| 19 reviews
I bought my A-99 in 2003 and it's been a great antenna! I replaced the top element with a 102 inch steel whip and I believe it helps the TX quite a bit. I've talked all over the world with my RCI 2950 stock on a power supply in my house. I have the ground plain kit which I believe helps with DX (skip). The dbi gain is superior to other antennas which cost a lot more and are bigger. I have it about 10 feet above the peak of the roof and wala'.... I'd buy another in a heart beat... I'll be 10-6 on the side...

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