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Stryker SR-440HP 10 Meter

Stryker SR-440HP 10 Meter
Brand: Stryker Radios
Product Code: S70-05000
This product is no longer available!
2 reviews   Rating: 4/5.
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The new Stryker SR-440 is a next generation 10 Meter Amateur Radio that was built entirely with the operator in mind. We've loaded the radio with real world, common sense features that make using the radio a blast. Highlighted below are some of the more important features that the SR-440 offers.
Important Features Include:
High Power Final Transistor - The SR-440 uses a single high power flange mounted transistor that provides the user with 60 + watts PEP. If you want be heard, the SR-440 has the power required to do some serious talking.

Digital Echo with/ Dual Front Mounted Controls - Provides the operator a much wider range of effects and control than typical factory or aftermarket echo boards. Our board is able to reproduce the human voice with virtually no distortion providing maximum clarity and enjoyment.

Two Different Roger Beeps - Two different roger beeps are included with the SR-440HP. These are controlled using a switched that is located on the front panel. This is a feature that you will find on virtually no other radio direct from the factory. Most importantly the roger beep can be turned off when it's not needed.

Variable Power Control ? Allows the operator to adjust or vary their carrier from one watt to over 50 watts PEP. This is a must have feature if the operator intends to use an external power device.
Variable Talk Back Control ? The infamous talk back squeal is virtually eliminated with our independently controlled talk back circuitry. The operator can adjust the volume to the perfect level as operating conditions require. Best of all the user no longer has to turn down the microphone gain to stop the annoying squeal that is often the result of poor design or cost cutting at the production level.

Up-Armored? Receiver- Our exclusive receiver protection works even under the harshest conditions, such as those experienced at a busy truck stop with many operators running high power radios. In addition our receiver filtering is tighter than most radios on the market. This means adjacent channel rejection is improved.

Back Lighted Controls - Our exclusive face plate design provides operators with back lighted controls, making adjustments even in the darkest conditions easy. Best of all our design is extremely durable and can be dimmed using the dimmer switch located on the front panel of the radio.

Additional Features Include:

  • Blue meter light and channel display
  • Large round meter that is easy to read
  • Advanced NB/ANL Circuit Reduces Interference
  • AM/FM Operation and PA Circuitry
  • Automatic AWI (Antenna Warning Indicator) alerts the operator if their SWR's are too high
  • Three Position dimmer switch on front panel
  • Front microphone connector for easy mounting in tight spaces
  • Receive and Microphone gain controls
  • Frequency Counter Jack pre-wired for FC-390 style counters
  • 1 Year Limited Factory Warranty


| 2 reviews
This is such a sweet rig. I had a 490 a while back and sold it to a buddy. "MISTAKE". But I run a box now so I dont need the 125 watt 490 now. I got this 440 and just did it up and let me tell you...it is sweet. No issues with talk back, its nice and clear. The very first radio check was 8 miles away and I was hitting him with 8 S-units "barefooted". If you are a general, connex, or galaxy fan looking for a different radio you should give this a try. You wont be dissapointed. But I must say dont just hook it up and say "well I dont know Im thinking my general is better and pull it out..". Give it a chance and you will like it.
| 2 reviews

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