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Texas Star DX 350HDV Mobile *

Texas Star DX 350HDV Mobile *
Brand: Texas Star
Product Code: W90-00230
Price: $346.99
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16 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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These units do not come with a mounting bracket!

  • Frequency: 28-29.7 Mhz
  • 350W/30A
  • 2-2SC2879
  • Variable Power W/SSB Delay
  • Supply: 12V

    *These units are for industrial, scientific, medical, or export use only. It is a violation of US FCC regulations to operate these units on the Citizens Band or Amateur Radio Services in the United States. Please check regulations in your country before operating these unit.




| 16 reviews
I liked it so much i bought another one for the mobile!
| 16 reviews
I owned a Texas Star 350 as my first amp. I got many compliments about the way my mobile sounded nice and strong with a big signal. I ran it with a Ranger 2950 and it performed flawlessly. I went on to eventually own a 16 pill Joker amp but I always remember my Little Texas Star.
| 16 reviews
Hello everyone. Texas star is the king of cb radio amplifiers. Texas star has been around for over 30 years. You cannot go wrong. Very good quality.
| 16 reviews
I have been using the 350HD for about a year as a base amp & it has performed very well.I get 300 watts which is more than enough without turning up the voltage or over driving the amplifier.It was FREE so I have gotten my monies worth out of it.Thinking of trying it in my mobile & see how it will work on 10 meters.I can't find any information about if it will work on 10 meters so I'll do my own testing & then I'll know 1st hand.Mine has a broken meter & it was that way when I got it but the meter is not needed anyway.
| 16 reviews
I've owned many Texas Star Amps over the years and know this for sure, you can't go wrong going with Texas Star! They are consistent and their designed in reliability is top shelf, bar-none. The DX 350 is amp that can be used in almost every modern auto with no problems as far as amperage is concerned, compared with the DX 500 which at a 45 amp draw can be the cause of dashboard lights flickering, meaning that more intensive,"beefing up" of your electrical system is needed. An amp pumps up whatever signal goes into it so, a proper mic and most importantly, the best antenna you can afford and for mobile use, the quarter wave stainless steel wire will give and get you a 2 S unit increase(transmitting and receiving) over a Wilson 1000. The Wilson is a great choice if you have to use a shortened antenna because of parking garages or whatever. Hope this help anyone sitting on the fence over choosing to own one of these outstanding power adders.

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