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Texas Star DX 667V Mobile *

Texas Star DX 667V Mobile *
Brand: Texas Star
Product Code: W90-00260
Price: $579.99
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7 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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  • 750W/62A
  • (4) 2SC2879
  • Variable Power W/SSB Delay
  • Meter-RF Relative Output Indicator and lights during transmission

  • Red "POWER" Button turns the unit on and off.
  • White "REC AMP" Button turns the receive amplifier on to provide 6dB of gain for your receiver. This will work independently of the power button -- that is, the white button may be pressed "on" even when the red button is "off." The oscillator may be operated without any output to the antenna. You will be able to hear the signal in your receiver. This may be useful to adjust your electronic keyer or to practice your Morse Code "off the air."
  • Green Button reduces power on all models. On models DX 400V and DX 500V, it also activates the RF Output Knob.
  • Yellow "DELAY" Button reduces power and adds delay to the transmit/receive relay to accommodate different transmission rates for break-in keying operation. On models DX 400V and DX 500V, this button adds delay but does not reduce power.
  • RF Output Knob controls RF output level when the Green Button is engaged. On the DX 667V only, the RF Output knob is operational at all times.
  • Meter is an RF Relative Output Indicator and lights during transmission.
  • Key Jack for 1/8" miniature phone plug is located on the rear of the unit for connection of the telegraph key.
  • Power Cables are also located at the rear. The red lead connects to the positive side of the power supply, and the black lead connects to the negative side.
  • Antenna Connector (SO239) for 50 ohm antenna is located on the rear.
  • Radio Connector (SO239) for 50 ohm output to the receiver is also located on the rear.

    Dimensions : 3-1/4"(H) x 6-5/8"(W) x 10-3/4"(D)
    Weight : 6 pounds

    *These units are for industrial, scientific, medical, or export use only. It is a violation of US FCC regulations to operate these units on the Citizens Band or Amateur Radio Services in the United States. Please check regulations in your country before operating these unit.




| 7 reviews
would be a great amp if it were tuned for 11 meter, only get 250W out of it in 11 meter, does about 500 in 10 meter
| 7 reviews
Fantastic amp! I've owned mine for about 15 years, it works great and I have had zero problems with it! Texas Star is AWESOME!
| 7 reviews
The best box I've ever owned. I abuse it daily and it never fails. I've dead keyed at 400 watts for over 3 hours and it never overheated or weakened the transistors. Indestructible Texas Star.
| 7 reviews
I have had mine for about 20 years. I own two smaller ones but the 667v is by far the best one I have used. I would like to get another one as a back up.
| 7 reviews
never have any problem,work greattttt... thank you texas star,,, Nick.

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