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Powerband RFX 85 RF Driver

Powerband RFX 85 RF Driver
Brand: EKL Components
Product Code: P03-00021
This product is no longer available!

The RFX85 is replacing the RFX75. Mechanically, the RFX85 features a new aluminum
heatsink design with thicker ns for more heat dissipation and greater performance. The new
heatsink is fan-ready and supports mounting of either one centered fan or two side-by-side fans.
Electrically, the RFX85 features a fully regulated bias circuit with adjustable control pots for both the
ERF2030 driver stage and ERF7530 nal stage. The addition of adjustable fully regulated bias greatly
improves SSB performance and allows for perfect uning to almost any radio circuit.
The RFX85 installs the same as the RFX75, so no need to learn something new!
Unit does not comes with installation instructions

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