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Maco Shooting Star 8 Element

Maco Shooting Star 8 Element
Brand: Maco
Product Code: M00-05124
Price: $464.99
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7 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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Dual Polarity Operation, Boom Length: 16', Gain: 14 db, Turn Radius: 13'

  • Front to Back Seperation: 38db
  • Power Multiplication: 28x
  • Maco 2kw Power Handling

    When performance at a price is your main consideration, look at the 8-element Shooting Star. Developed to fill the need for top performance, dual polarity operation, the Shooting Star has a gain of 14dB. That's like transmitting with 28 times your normal power! The design uses a 16-foot boom with six scientifically-spaced elements and a quad reflector to obtain the best combination of gain and front-to-back ratio. It's the same design used to bounce signals off the moon! And, it has the Maco 2kw power handling capability!


| 7 reviews
my father bought this set back in the 70s. As a child the memories are as great for me as those beams were to him. Unfortaly times got hard with four children and he had too sell.I still have most of his equipment and soon as I can need to replace . There will be another set of SHOOTING STARS above his house. In Loveing Memory of the Gladeator. PS : Best Beams Ever
| 7 reviews
Looks to be the same antenna as my old Antenna Specialist Moonraker 4 (AV-140) which I talked the world over. Was the relay station for an area of remote Alaska and did phone patches into the bush often. That antenna I ever owned. Left 2 short lines attached to the ends of the beam so that I could align it with the house and tie it down to weather a storm. I will be getting this Maco version soon as my tower is planted. You can not go wrong with this design.
| 7 reviews
I owned this Beam for many years before Maco built them. This is a true performer for the price. With a little height and a small amp, this Beam will get you almost anywhere. Try it stock or with some Boost; you will be pleased with this one.
| 7 reviews
This Antenna has really surprised me. First, the performance was amazing.I was shooting skip all over the US with it & my Swan 500CX. Then the muffler clamps holding the elements to the boom started cutting a groove in the boom, then Bada-Bing-Bada-Boom,the Maco became a Whirleygig before my eyes.Truly Amazing!
| 7 reviews
This antenna beam does ever thing I expect and more. this is my first shooting star beam. Used it for about 1 month I am so please with it I recommend to anyone who is serious about getting your money worth and good performance and putting the beam together was easy and direction was well explain.

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