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Maco M103C 3 Element Beam

Maco M103C 3 Element Beam
Brand: Maco
Product Code: M00-05100
Price: $159.99
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5 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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  • 3 Element/ 11 Meter Base Antenna
  • "Maximum Beam", Gain: 11(db)
  • Adjustable Gamma Match 2000 watts
  • Boom Length: 11.5', Turn Radius: 10'
  • Power Multiplication:20x
  • Front to Back Separation:25(db)
  • Stack with YQSK for extra 3db
  • Boom OD (inches) 1.5
  • Longest Elements (ft) 19
  • Surface Radius (sq. ft.) 4.5
  • Wind Survival (mph) 90
  • Tuning (Meters) 10-11
  • VSWR (adjustable) 1.5 or <
  • Weight (lbs) 14
  • Stacking Kit: MBSK


| 5 reviews
I purchased 2 sets of these beams from Copper to stack at 65' and I can't say anything bad about them. They have a narrow front end and excellent rejection. I can put the back corner on locals putting +20 on my ground plane and almost knock them completely out with the beam. I highly recommend the M-103. They're hard to beat for the money. If you have the cash, get 2 sets and stack 'em for the extra 3db.
| 5 reviews
i use to have this antenna and i LOVED it i may just get another soon :)
| 5 reviews
This is my first beam antenna. The instruction's were well written and very easy to put together. Very light weight and very easy to adjust the SWR for mid 11 meter. SWR stayed about the same from channel 1 to channel 40. That really surprised me. I highly suggest this antenna for those who want a beam that is easy to put up. It work's for me. The rating below only goes to good. It should go to best. My reason, BEST PRICE, BEST INSTRUCTION'S, VERY LIGHT, EASY TO PUT TOGETHER.
| 5 reviews
I purchased this antenna 4 years ago. It was set up using supplied instructions from manufacturer and me not having any experience with building antennas found it very easy to tune. It was mounted horizontally at 18.5 feet off the ground and 12 feet from the house on a light duty tv antenna rotor. I had great success with this antenna, I can talk and receive great on ground plane and skip. My neighbours never had any bleed over when I had the amp turned on. I can talk to Alaska from Florida on good days and talk to new York like they are next door on fair days. Works very well on 4 watts and will blow smoke at 200 watts. QRA 33 Jacksonville, Florida
| 5 reviews
I have purchased a set of the Maco M-103C 3 Element Beam. They work really well and they have pin point accuracy. I am completely satisfied! Thanks Copper!!!

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