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Maco M105C 5 Element Beam

Maco M105C  5 Element  Beam
Brand: Maco
Product Code: M00-05102
Price: $429.99
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2 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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  • 5 Element/ 11 Meter Base Antenna
  • "Maximum Beam", Boom Length: 26'
  • Adjustable Gamma Match 2000 watts
  • Gain: 15.5(db), Turn Radius: 15'
  • Power Multiplication: 40x
  • Front to Back Separation: 31db
  • Stack with MBSK for extra 3db
  • Boom OD (inches) 2
  • Longest Elements (ft) 19
  • Surface Radius (sq. ft.) 8.47
  • Wind Survival (mph) 90
  • Tuning (Meters) 10-11
  • VSWR (adjustable) 1.5
  • Weight (lbs) 35
  • Stacking Kit: MBSK


| 2 reviews
My wife said that she did not care about the price, get what I wanted. Has great receive & transmit. I modified the mast mounting, boom and boom support to my specs. A solid antenna. I would have also done the mods to any other antenna out there, just part of the fun!
| 2 reviews
This Maco 5 element beam with the wide spaced elements easily covers the entire CB band with a very low 1.1-1 swr across all 40 ch when the gamma match is set properly and the beam mounted horizontal . The wide spacing of the last 2 directors make this antenna a winner . 1 MHZ below 1.5-1 bandwidth or 100 channels . Front to back and side rejection along with its awesome forward gain makes it well worth spending the extra money and buying the 5 element over the 4 element maco beam on the shorter boom . We choose to use Dacron rope for the truss support over the supplied wire they included and added 2 small turnbuckles to get the boom well supported to the eye bolts . We did wind a rf coaxial choke 7 turns 8 inches across and mounted it on top of the boom by the driven element to keep the coax from radiating Overall I give this antenna a solid 9 / 10 only because I did my modifications for the truss support with rope and turnbukles

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