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Maco Y-Quad

Maco Y-Quad
Brand: Maco
Product Code: M00-05120
Price: $259.99
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4 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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Vertical/Horizontal, Combination Quad Reflector/Yagi Driven, 4-Elements

  • Gain: 11db
  • Boom Length  6 feet
  • Front to Back Seperation: 25-30 db
  • Power Multiplication: 14x
  • Turn Radius: 8'
  • Switchable Polarity
  • Low Angle Radiation for 2 Long Distance Performance
  • Low Angle Radiation for Long Distance
  • Stack With YQSK
  • yquad

| 4 reviews
Been running the Maco Y quad now for about 5 months. Really impressed with how well it does for a 2 element especially on the Horizonal side. I get nothing but good reports from all over the United states and other country's when the skip is running. It was easy to put together and get adjusted to get a flat SWR. I run it on a 40 ft push up mast and the small RCI rotor. The Y quad is small enough that the RCI rotor does fine.
| 4 reviews
had this antenna also and i LOVED it also had the 103c and loved that one also :)
| 4 reviews
Best Price and A Great Quality Antenna! The Maco Y-Quad is as Good or Better then my old PDL of 25 years ago! If I only had more room..I would Stack Two!
| 4 reviews
this is my first beam antenna that i have ever owned and all i can say is that this one is great i own a eagle tomahawk 10 meter radio and im telling you this is the best antenna i have ever owned i have a 1.1 match and i have never had a SWR reading that low till now like i said this is the best antenna i have ever owned. Thanks copper

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