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Cobra HGM75 Power Mic

Cobra HGM75 Power Mic
Brand: Cobra
Product Code: C90-04000
Price: $22.99

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* Microphone Wiring 5 and 6 Pin:

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6 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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9' HighFlexTM cord, 4-pin connector
Wire mesh grille
Heavy-duty ABS shell
1 year manufacturer warranty
Requires one 9V battery (not included)
| 6 reviews
Very good mic would buy again.
| 6 reviews
Using one on a Uniden 980ssb and did not do any modifications to the microphone. Running it at 4-5 will produce 90% modulation and will peak at 98-100% on a very loud whistle. Anything over 7 will produce extreme squeal through talkback. I have received many compliments on the sound of my radio. Thought about upgrading but why fix what isn’t broken?
| 6 reviews
For the price and functions this one of the best microphones you can buy...the price is great buy.
| 6 reviews
Using one on a Uniden 980 SSB and I’m using it unmodified and it works great I run it at about a 4-5 setting for great modulation. Great cheap replacement mic.
| 6 reviews
This is a good mic, there is a mod where you short a resistor to add extra audio. First, you don't have to remove the resistor, just sodder across the contacts on the trace side of the board with a blob of sodder. If you run across the mod that suggests to change out a second resistor don't. Just shorting out the one resistor will be louder than most mics on the market. I think the audio is better than anything I can find on the market and is about the cheapest too. If you don't mod the mic it is slightly better than a stock mic. But remember, if you add that much audio to a stock radio it will squeal like a pig, you can fix that by turning the AMC all the way up or have Copper do it. It's part of the standard peek and tune.

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