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Mitsubishi 2SC 1969 Transistor

Mitsubishi 2SC 1969 Transistor
Brand: RF Parts
Product Code: W90-20043
Price: $34.99
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This primarly used as a final output transistor in export and some CB Radios.
The 2SC1969 is a common upgrade for Cobra 29 or similar radios.
They also work in Connex, Galaxy, Ranger, Superstar, Magnum,
Mirage, Virage and many more radios.

  • No Warranty on any Parts


| 1 reviews
Appears to be a decent working replacement final, and good up to the VHF High Band, since they are the finals that are used in the Radio Shack 19-1210 two channel business band radios that I use on MURS. However, $24.99 for one final? Really?!?! I can almost get 10 of them else where. Yeah, I know that Copper has to make a profit, but nearly a X10 mark up? Yeah, unless you are really stuck to get this final from here, I'd look elsewhere.

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