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Wilson 500 Magnet Mount CB Antenna

Wilson 500 Magnet Mount CB Antenna
Brand: Wilson
Product Code: W30-05010
Price: $69.99
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5 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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Wilson 500 Magnet Mount CB Antenna

  • 54 1/2" Base Loaded Coil Antenna w/ coax, 2000 Watts PEP
  • 26 MHz to 30 MHz
  • 2 Year Warranty


| 5 reviews
Never have trusted Manufacture's Claims. I bought the Wilson 500 read and followed the directions, Got a 1.1.15 SWR on40 and A 1.1.12 on 1 . With No other adjustment! Was talking to bases 20 miles away bare foot with a old cobra29. Very impressed with Wilson. I will buy another
| 5 reviews
Excellent antenna, just don't shut your door on the coax, or any coax for that matter, you will ruin it.
| 5 reviews
Good antenna for the money works great on my galaxy 44hp. Will buy another one soon.
| 5 reviews
I find it hard to trust reviews, but anyone that has used any model wilson antenna will tell you they are the best. I use the 500 and 1000, for both base and mobile, day or night, magnet or roof or trunk mount. I get a 15 mile range. I do agree their some what expensive, but your paying for high quality and their trouble free. Try looking at passing vehicle`s, most of them are wilsons. That way you`ll know my review of Wilson antennas isn`t a gimmic.
| 5 reviews
I have owned this antenna for about 5 years. Lowest tuned SWR I ever got from a magnet mount. Super well built. Very tough. Never had a second of regret of buying this antenna!

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